Salve Maria Imaculada Conceição

Hail Mary Immaculate Conception

Hail Mary Immaculate Conception!
Good night My Angel.

Today is a day of great joy for the world and especially for Portugal, as we celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception, OUR QUEEN. I want to share with you a testimony of how Our Lady helps us through the Medal of Peace, which She gave us as a sign of her love.

On the day of the party, I was in the hospital accompanying someone, when a lady entered the room with her eyes closed, led by her husband. She moaned a lot with pain in her eyes. He told me that she had had an injection that day, but it only got worse. I felt sorry for her and decided to pray for her. I took my Peace medal and put my hands over her eyes, blocking the light. I asked the Queen and Messenger of Peace to look at her merits and not at me, and to intercede for her with her father. I called him: "Come, dad, come! You can ease her pain, come!"
To my surprise, the lady calmed down and leaned back in the chair. I asked if she was better and she replied: "Yes, I'm much better, even now I was in pain!" I was very happy and thanked Our Lady and the father for the grace granted. I don't know how she was afterwards, because they called me straight away.

I left there praising God for the Medal of Peace and for the gift He gave us: you, my father. Thank you for your holy life, thank you for coming to relieve that distressed lady. Well done! My confidence in his help and his merits grew. Well done!

May Our Lady continue to bless you and protect you always. A big hug from your son who loves you very much.
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